Why Facebook Page Performance rating is a good thing.

Facebook page ranking

Facebook is now rating your page performance based on how quickly and frequently you respond to your community through the platform, and I like it.

We all know Facebook for the social media powerhouse that it is with over 930 million active users logging in every day, but Facebook is also striving to be known as a media powerhouse – full stop. And it’s working.

Over the last 6 or so years Facebook has been working really hard to become viewed as a serious viable ‘media’ business, providing a superior advertising platform for any commercial enterprise wanting to connect with this enormous volume of people. Facebook data shows there are 30 million small businesses with active Pages on Facebook and because of this, they have started doing a lot of work behind the scenes to improve on what it delivers to a small business. You may laugh at this suggestion, particularly as it seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve great (or any) organic reach for your posts, but Facebook are improving on many other functionalities as a way of showing they care and to encourage you to put your hand in your pocket to boost or promote your posts.

One of these recent updates is Page Performance – a metric that focuses on encouraging business page administrators to perform better and deliver a more enriched user experience by being responsive and on the ball. This administrative function has been rolling out for a while now, and there are still reports that not everyone has it, nevertheless, it’s on its way so let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What is Page Performance all about?

The Page Performance function measures a page’s responsiveness (and therefore, the person managing the page) to community interaction and ranks it according to how well you do. Performance ranking is visible to page administrators (as seen below) regardless of how well it’s performing, probably as an incentive to do better. However, once your response rate is good enough, you will be rewarded with an icon that sits under your profile pic, for everyone to see how awesome you are.

Facebook Page Performance from your timeline - administrator's view

I need to work on mine.. Facebook Page Performance – administrator’s view

Touted by Facebook as a way of improving a page’s performance and user experience, page performance has two fairly specific requirements you must meet if you want to see that speedy green envelope sitting under your profile pic.

  1. You must respond to 90% of messages received
  2. You must maintain a median response time of 5 minutes for all replies

No pressure. It’s also a requirement that you have set up your page to allow people to contact you (and if you don’t have this activated, ask yourself why you are on social media in the first place).

Is a Page Performance ranking a good thing?

In my mind, this is a great feature as it shows you value your customers and you are running a tight ship across your business. This is important when you use social media to market your business, particularly if you are using it to manage customer service or you want to drive traffic through your Facebook page onto an e-commerce platform (or sell off Facebook) and back to your website. Being seen as a very responsive business is another tick for credibility and shows potential customers that if anything happens, they can rely on you to deal with it. Think of it as the same as a buyer/seller rating on eBay – something many people check before they hand over their payment details. Embrace it and if you don’t already, include frequent page monitoring so you can stay on track of how you are performing.

For a full ‘how to’ around Page Performance, check out Facebook’s quick overview here.

About Zena Churchill

Zena Churchill is a Director at Max & Buddy Consulting. She has worked in senior level business roles across national and multinational corporations, as well as being a small business owner. Zena is a strategic thinker and brings a practical, straight-forward approach to marketing and social media. She has a passion for training & development running practical business workshops for small business. Zena is a Certified Practising Marketer (AMI), sometimes tutors in Marketing at the University of Wollongong and is a Senior Consultant with Trinity P3.

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