How To Turn Off Reviews On Facebook?

  1. You may get rid of reviews on Facebook by following these procedures. To adjust the settings on your Facebook business page, go to ″Settings.″
  2. Choose the ″Templates and Tabs″ option
  3. Click the ″Settings″ button when you have located ″Reviews″ further down the page
  4. Turn off the ″Show Reviews″ toggle, then click the ″Save″ button.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Disabling Reviews on Facebook

  1. Launch Facebook and navigate to the page for your company
  2. To adjust the settings on your business page, go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  3. Choose the option labeled ″Templates and Tabs″
  4. Toggle the ‘Reviews’ button to the off position

How do I Turn Off star ratings on my Facebook page?

Simply navigate to the ″Settings″ tab at the very top of your Facebook profile. To access the templates and tabs, select that option from the menu on the left. The reviews may be turned off by scrolling down to the ″Reviews″ section. Then, select the ″Save″ option. And you’re done! Now the star ratings will no longer be shown, and the review tab will also no longer be available.

How do I Turn Off reviews and recommendations?

  1. On the left side of the page where you configure your settings, click the Templates and Tabs link.
  2. Locate Reviews or Recommendations, click Settings directly next to it, and then flip the On/Off tab in order to disable reviews and recommendations.
  3. Keep in mind that turning off Recommendations will result in the ratings and Recommendations being removed from your Page.
  1. This will disable the Recommendations feature.
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How do I turn off Facebook Reviews 2021?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Off Reviews on Facebook

  1. Launch Facebook and make your way to your profile page there
  2. Move your cursor to the bottom of the menu on the right and click on ″Settings.″
  3. Once more, go the menu on the right side of the screen and select ″Templates & Tabs.″
  4. Turn off the ‘Reviews’ switch with the toggle

How do I turn off Reviews on my Facebook business suite?

The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken in order to remove the Facebook Reviews section from your Business Page:

  1. On your Business Page, navigate to the ″Settings″ tab
  2. Select the ″Edit Page″ option
  3. Click the Settings button in the ″Reviews″ section when you have scrolled down to that area
  4. Adjust the slider so that it reads ″OFF″ rather than ″ON″
  5. Please save your changed configuration

How do I turn off Reviews and recommendations on Facebook?

To activate or deactivate the Recommendations feature for your Page:

  1. To access your Pages, navigate to the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Head on over to your Page
  3. The Page Settings button may be found in the bottom left corner of your page.
  4. Simply navigate to the left menu and select Templates and Tabs
  5. To toggle the visibility of the Reviews tab, click the arrow to its right.

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