How To See What You Ve Liked On Facebook?

  1. Launch your web browser of choice and navigate to the Facebook website. If you aren’t currently logged into your account, please do so now
  2. Click on your profile name located in the top menu after the page displaying your Facebook newsfeed has loaded

Tap your name in the blue stripe that appears at the very top of any Facebook page to access this section. Click the View Activity Log button that is located to the right of your profile picture after you have arrived at your profile page. Click the Likes button in the left-hand column of the page to quickly filter your log so that you are only viewing the content that you have liked.

How do I See my liked reels on Facebook?

On the screen labeled ″Activity Log,″ press the icon with the downward-pointing arrow next to the word ″Interactions,″ and then pick ″Likes and responses.″ You’ll be able to view all of the Facebook posts and videos that you’ve ever liked or commented on in this section.Hit the three dots symbol that is located next to the activity of the reel that you liked, and then tap the ‘View’ button.

How can I see what I liked?

To access your profile, tap either your name or the picture of your profile that is located in the bottom right corner. Tap the rightmost icon, then select Your activity from the menu that appears. After tapping Interactions, navigate to the Likes tab. Tap the video or post that you want to see in order to do so.

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How do you see what someone likes on Facebook 2021?

Simply navigate to their profile and look at the things they have liked. You’ll be able to view what a person is openly publishing on their timeline, as well as who they are following and what they are like on their page. You’ll see the posts they make in the feed as well. You will discover how to look at someone’s Facebook likes if you continue reading this page.

Why can’t I see my likes on Facebook?

A minority of people will hide their likes in order to maintain their privacy. This ensures that the activity will only be visible to those who are related to the individual in question. In some circumstances, they limit the like to only themselves, which means that no one else may view the like.

How can I see my likes on Facebook Mobile?

How to locate sites that you have liked on Facebook while using a mobile device

  1. Navigate to your Facebook profile using your mobile device
  2. Tap the three dots that are labeled ‘See Your About Info’ located underneath your public About Info. On your profile page, select the option to ″See Your About Info.″ Melanie Weir/Business Insider
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Likes section, then press the button that says ″See All″

Why can’t I see who liked a post on Facebook?

You can. If the number of likes is not the same as the number of user profiles that you see after clicking on the number, then either someone who liked it blocked you, you blocked the person who liked it, or the person who loved it deactivated their profile. If a user deactivates their profile, the likes count will no longer be shown on that user’s profile.

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How can I see what I’ve liked on Instagram?

Hit the profile tab in the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app, and then tap the three-line symbol in the app’s upper-right corner.To view the posts you’ve liked in the past, navigate to Your Activity > Interactions > Likes.The posts will appear in reverse chronological order.In the Likes list, you can only view the 300 most recent posts (photos and videos) that you have liked.This limit applies to both photo and video content.

How do you see photos liked by 2020 on Facebook?

You’ll find it toward the top of your friend’s profile, just below the cover photo they’ve chosen to display there.A menu will expand to provide additional selections.Select Likes from the drop-down menu.This will open the Likes page for your friend, where you will see a list of all of the movies, TV series, artists, books, and restaurants as well as any other Pages that they have liked on Facebook.

How can I see what pictures My boyfriend likes on Facebook 2020?

Promoted Stories

  1. To begin your search, click the search bar. It should go without saying, but you should use the search bar that’s located at the very top of the app/page
  2. Promoted Stories may be found by typing in ″pictures liked″ followed by the story’s name. This should bring up a variety of images, and they may be of your lover, sibling, or perhaps the aunt of your next-door neighbor.
  3. You have fallen into the rabbit hole

How do I find my liked pages on Facebook 2022?

If you follow these steps on your mobile device, you will be able to access all of the pages that you have liked:

  1. Launch Facebook and navigate to the ″Profile Page″ of your account
  2. Proceed to the ″See Your About Info″ area by scrolling down below the basic information.
  3. Movies, television series, and your likes may be found farther down the page.
  4. Simply select the ″All Likes″ option
  5. If you tap the ″Number″ button, you’ll be able to see a list of all the ″Pages you’ve loved″

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