How To Restrict Facebook Friends?

  1. Within the Computer
  2. Open the person’s profile on Facebook by going to
  3. To add someone as a friend, click the ″Friends″ button that is located under their profile photo.
  4. Click on ″Edit Friend List″
  5. Put a checkmark in the box that says ″Restricted″

To put someone on your Restricted list, do the following:

  1. Navigate to that person’s profile
  2. Select Friends in the drop-down menu underneath their profile photo.
  3. Tap Edit Friend List
  4. Tap Use Prohibited
  5. Tap Done

How do I restrict someone on Facebook?

Launch either the Facebook app or the website for Facebook. Next, navigate to the ″Friends″ area of their profile by clicking on the image located at the very top of their page. Then, select ‘Edit Friend List’. Select Restricted if you want to place restrictions on the individual.

How do I restrict friends on the mobile app?

To edit your friend list on the Android app, visit your profile and select the Friends option, then hit the Edit Friend List button.Choose ″Restricted″ from the list of options.A checkmark in blue will appear next to the selected listings when you view them.When using an iPhone, navigate to the profile and press the friends symbol, then select Friends when prompted on the next page.

Select Restricted from the drop-down menu after selecting Edit Friend Lists.

How do I block friends on my Facebook page?

Click Settings > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking. To edit the list, click Edit List. To access your friends list, select it from the dropdown list. If you click on any entry in the list, a tick in blue will show next to that entry. You also have the option to look for friends by using the search bar at the top. When you are done, make sure you click the Finish button.

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How do I restrict a friend from seeing my posts?

Select Edit Friend Lists, then select Restricted from the drop-down menu. Write the post as you usually would, then click the globe symbol labeled Public and change the setting to Friends. This will limit who can see the post. Select their profile, click Friends, chose Edit Friend Lists, and then select Restricted again to remove the checkmark from the box. This will unrestrict them.

How can I limit what a friend sees on my Facebook?

Profile Privacy

  1. To learn more about yourself, navigate to the ″About″ page on your Facebook Timeline.
  2. To make changes to one of the categories, such as ″Relationships and Family,″ select the ″Edit″ button from the drop-down menu
  3. To restrict access to the information, choose the desired users from the list that appears when you click the arrow next to an entry.
  4. You retain your changes, be sure to click the ″Save″ option.

Will a friend know if I restrict them on Facebook?

Are Friends Able to Determine If Someone Is on a Restricted List on Facebook? There is no obvious method for your friends to learn that they have been put to your Restricted list because Facebook users are not alerted when they are added to or deleted from lists on the social network.

Can I stop someone from seeing my Facebook posts without unfriending them?

The word ″Restricted″ is the name of one of the lists. When you add someone to your ″Restricted″ list, they will only be able to view the material that you have marked as ″Public,″ as well as any posts that you have tagged them in. The process goes as follows: Send an update to your ″Friends″ group.

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What is the difference between limited profile and restricted on Facebook?

If you add a friend to the limited profile list for your Facebook account, that friend will no longer be able to view any information that you have hidden from other members of the list. Because of changes made to Facebook’s privacy settings in August 2011, users of the limited profile list are prevented from viewing any content that you upload.

How do you know if someone has restricted you on Facebook?

How can I detect if a friend has changed their settings such that I can no longer access their posts? You will not know for certain unless you inquire of another user whether they are able to view any postings made by the individual in question. If they are able to view posts that you are unable to, then you will know that the other user has banned you from viewing their postings.

What happens when you restrict someone?

On Instagram, restricting a user is analogous to blocking someone, but in a somewhat more civilized manner. When you restrict a user, their comments and messages are hidden from you, but they are still able to access your posts. This is in contrast to the blocking option, which hides your whole feed and stories from the person you restrict.

Can restricted friends see photos?

4 Friends who are a Restriction De-select them from any other lists, then choose ″Restricted″ from the drop-down menu. Following that, the buddy will only be able to view your posts and photographs if they are marked as ″Public.″

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Can a restricted friend message me?

If you put someone on a restriction, you won’t be notified when they send you a message, and your phone won’t ring when they contact you. You won’t be able to call them or send them messages during this time.

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