How To Remove A Like On Facebook?

The steps to unliking something on Facebook

  1. Open Facebook. In the web browser on your computer, go to the address If you are signed into Facebook at this time, the page for your News Feed will open.
  2. Click. It is located in the upper right hand corner of the page. There will be an option that drops down
  3. Select the Activity Log option. You may select this from the selection that drops down. When this is done, the page titled ″Activity Log″ is displayed
  4. Click on the Likes and Reactions button. It may be accessed by the tab on the page’s left-hand side
  5. Find the comment that you do not wish to like. Scroll down until you find the post for which you want to remove your like or reaction, and then click the X in the upper right corner of that post.

How can I indicate on Facebook that I do not like something?

  1. Go to the post or photo that you want to unlike in order to do so. Tap Like to unlike
  2. You must navigate to the remark in order to dislike it. Tap Like to unlike
  3. Go to the Page you want to dislike in order to do so. Tap Liked. Tap Unlike to unlike

How do I edit or delete a like on Facebook?

  1. After clicking the three dots to the right of each post that you liked, pick ″Unlike″ from the drop-down menu that appears.
  2. You have the ability to delete a reaction that you have posted to a post by selecting ″Remove Reaction″ from the editing menu.
  3. There is a further category of likes that you might want to alter, presuming that these particular likes do not appear in the lists that have been shown.
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How to remove a “like” from a link on Facebook post?

The following is a Facebook tutorial that will teach you two different alternatives to remove a ″Like″ from a link on a Facebook post that is formatted using the new Timeline layout: The first thing you may do is search for the post or link on Facebook that you liked not too long ago. When you have found the post or link in question, locate the link that says ″Unlike″ and then click on it.

How do I delete a like from a post or comment?

You can remove a Like that was previously given to a remark or post by going back to the post in question and selecting the ″Unlike″ link that appears just below the post. Going to the home screen of a page allows you to remove a Like that you have given to that page.

How do I remove someones like from a post on Facebook?

  1. Hi, It is not possible for you to delete the likes that other people have left on the post.
  2. You may restrict who can see the post by changing the audience, and then hiding it from the specific individual.
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Can you remove a like from someone else on Facebook?

To access your page’s settings, navigate to the bottom left of the page and select Settings. The People and Other Pages link may be found in the menu on the left. Make sure the individual is not selected by clicking the checkbox that is located next to their name. Click, then select Remove From Page Likes from the drop-down menu.

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How do I delete all Likes and reactions on Facebook?

Start up the Facebook app on the mobile device. After selecting your profile photo, navigate to the ″Activity Log″ tab. Click ″Category,″ then pick ″Likes & Reactions″ from the drop-down menu. Use the arrow next to each article you wish to unlike to access the dropdown menu.

What happens if you accidentally like and unlike on Facebook?

  1. If you’re concerned that they might be able to figure out that you enjoyed reading their postings, the answer is that it depends.
  2. On Facebook, if you unintentionally like and unlike someone else’s post, there is a good probability that the person in question will not be aware that you have done so.
  3. They might not get a notification on their phone if you unliked their post very quickly, depending on how soon you did it.

How do I remove a reaction from a Facebook post?

To modify your reaction to a post or remark, press and hold the reaction you are currently using (located next to Comment and Share), and then pick a different reaction from the drop-down menu that appears. Simply tapping the reply that you have already given to a post or comment will allow you to erase it.

How do you delete Likes on Facebook on Iphone?

You’ll be able to view all of the posts to which you’ve given a like or a reaction. Find the post from which you wish to remove your like or reaction, and then click on its name. After that, touch the three dots that are located next to the post. To erase your like, tap ″Unlike.″ Simply click the ″Remove Reaction″ button to get your reaction removed from the post.

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What do you do when you accidentally like someone’s post?

Thankfully, it’s just as simple to ″dislike″ a photo that someone else has made on Instagram. All that is required of you is one more press on the heart button, which should now be red. It is important to remember that if you double-tap the same Instagram post twice, the like will still be registered.

How do I unlike a like?

You may view your likes by going to the ″More″ page, then using the drop-down menu to choose ″Likes.″ Find the Facebook page whose likes you no longer wish to receive. Select ″Unlike″ from the list that appears when you hover your mouse over the option that reads ″Liked″ on the website.

Why can’t I unlike a post on Facebook?

You will be unable to give a page a dislike rating if it is inaccessible to you for any reason, including a temporary lock, a terminated account, or a page that has been removed. On the other hand, if the page is still online but you are having difficulties disliking it, there are a few things you may do.

How can I remove likes from my Facebook photos?

The steps you take to conceal your Facebook likes

  1. Sign into your Facebook account, and go to the personal profile you’ve set up for yourself
  2. Under your cover photo, on the toolbar, hover your mouse pointer over the word ″More,″ and then select ″Likes″ from the option that appears
  3. After clicking the pencil symbol, pick ″Edit the Privacy of Your Likes″ from the drop-down menu

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