How To Post A Gif On Facebook?

  1. You may include a GIF in your status update. If you click Post from your profile within the Facebook mobile app or Make a Post on, you’ll be presented with a range of alternatives to choose from.
  2. Put a GIF into the comment section.
  3. Send a GIF to someone via a direct message.
  4. Some of the Things That You Can Do and Things That You Can’t Do When It Comes to Sharing GIFs on Facebook
  5. Download the Giphy app for even more amusing GIF content on Facebook

How do I add a GIF to a post on Facebook?

Navigate to the post you want to comment on and click on it.You may either scroll through your News Feed to locate the post, or you can input the name of the person who created the post into the search box that is located at the very top of the page.Tap Comment.The post is followed by an emblem that looks like a speech bubble.Tap GIF.

It is located in the very upper right hand corner of the comment box.This will bring up a menu with a variety of popular GIFs to choose from.

What is the purpose of GIFs on Facebook?

When you browse Facebook, it’s possible that you’ll come across GIFs in a variety of places, including posts, comments, events, and group messaging. GIFs are versatile and may be used for anything, from expressing congratulations to a buddy to making a snarky comment under a text post.

How to comment on trending GIFs on Facebook?

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the discussion, status update, or post that you want to remark on.Next, navigate to the section next to your profile photo that says ″Write a remark.″ Step 2: From the list of icons on the right, select the GIF icon and click it.Step 3: At this point, you should see a pop up displaying a variety of popular GIFs.

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