How To Delete A Comment On Facebook?

  1. Launch the Activity Log application. You may utilize your Activity Log in order to remove several posts at once as well as posts that you have made
  2. Locate the article or remark that you wish to remove from the site. You won’t be able to view the comments that others have made on your posts or comments
  3. Instead, you’ll only see the posts and comments that you’ve made yourself.
  4. To delete a post or remark, select it and then tap the Delete button that appears next to it.

Experience on mobile browsers that have been updated

  1. Select the post that contains your remark and tap it.
  2. Holding down the tap on the comment
  3. Select Delete remark, then press Delete

How do I add comments to a Facebook post?

Launch the area for user comments. If the comments section does not open automatically, you may access it manually by clicking the link labeled ″comments″ that is located below the post. The number of people who have commented on the post is shown by the ‘#’ symbol. A post that has received 10 comments, for instance, will have a link labeled ″10 comments″ here.

Should I hide comments on my Facebook page?

  • If you decide to conceal the remark, it will no longer be available to the members of your audience as a whole; however, the person who originally posted it and their friends will still be able to view it.
  • If you delete a remark made by a persistent troll on your page, they are likely to post another one shortly after you delete the first one.
  • This feature might be helpful in such a situation.
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How do I delete or edit a comment on my profile?

  • Locate the comment that you wish to remove and then push down over it while keeping your finger in place until a dialog box appears.
  • Tap the Delete button when the box opens, and your remark will be removed from the thread forever.
  • Alternately, if all you want to do is edit, the option to do so may be found right here.

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Why can I not delete a comment on Facebook?

  • You are unable to delete the comments made by another user on the posts made by another user, nor are you able to delete the posts made by another user on either their own wall or the wall of another user.
  • A comment that was posted by another user in a Facebook Group or Page that you control can be removed at any time.
  • The procedure is exactly the same as erasing a remark made by another user on your own wall.

How do you delete a comment?

Select Delete Remark from the context menu that appears after right-clicking the comment. Go to the Review tab of the document, click the down arrow on the Delete button, and then select the option to Delete All Comments in Document from the drop-down menu that appears. Choose the piece of material that you want to leave a comment on. Choose Review > New Comment from the menu.

When you delete a comment on Facebook Does the person know?

If you delete a comment on Facebook, the comment will be permanently removed, and no one will be able to view it again. The user will be aware that the unfavorable remark has been removed if they go back to see it, but they will not be informed that the comment has been removed. When you ban a user, that user will no longer be able to comment on any of your posts under any circumstances.

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How do you delete a comment on a Facebook group Post?

Tap the Groups and Events tab, then choose either Group posts and comments or Group responses from the menu that appears. Scroll to the content that you do not want, then press and pick Delete to get rid of your post or remark, or select Unlike to get rid of your reaction.

How do I delete a comment on my post?

Here are the steps: Go to the comment that caused the problem, and place your cursor over it. Almost usually, there will be a tiny X in the space next to the remark. To remove something from your post, click the Delete button after the X.

How do I edit a Facebook comment?

To make changes to a remark you have made underneath a post:

  1. Select the post that contains your remark, then tap it.
  2. Holding down the tap on the comment
  3. Make sure Edit is selected
  4. Make the necessary adjustments, and then select the Update button

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