Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos 2020?

You are able to view everyone who is watching your Facebook Live video and everyone who engages with you while it is live.This includes anyone who comments on the video.If you are Facebook friends with the person in question, you will receive a notification when they begin viewing your video.If you are not Facebook friends with the person in question, however, you will notice when they engage with the video (that is, when they like and/or comment on it).

Unfortunately, once the show has ended, you won’t be able to check back to see who viewed your video while it was being broadcast live.You are able to check the total number of viewers, but you are unable to see the specific individuals that watched your movie.You may get around this problem by requesting that your audience participate in the broadcast by interacting with you and leaving comments on the video.

How to see who viewed my Facebook profile [2020]?

The iGeeksBlog explains how to view who has viewed your Facebook profile. Open Facebook with Chrome, log in, then navigate to your profile page, right-click the mouse button, and select View Page Source from the menu that appears. This will show you who has viewed your Facebook profile. Proceed to the main content.

Can I see who viewed my Video on Facebook?

You are only able to learn more about the individuals who enjoy, comment on, or share your video at this time.In addition, if you are sharing video from a page, you may see from the insights that the video you are sharing has been viewed by up to this many people.No.You are able to check which of your friends saw a Facebook Live video that you are currently broadcasting if you are using that feature.

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Why can’t I see all the people who viewed my video?

For the most part, this is due to the fact that when you ″Boost″ a video, it often results in an abnormally high number of views, which makes it ″inconvenient″ for Facebook to provide a list of the users who have seen the video.In addition, there is always the possibility that the viewers are not your friends, as well as the possibility that their privacy settings and numerous views may slow down the listing process.

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