Are you are connecting with the right people in the right way?

Are you using social media marketing in your business?

Do you know if it is driving customers to your business?

Would you like to make sure social media is really working for your business?

Is social media draining the life out of you?

Social media marketing is an essential way to get your business in front of your target audience, but did you know that less than half of all small businesses using social media have a social media strategy? This is like attempting to row a boat without oars.

Anyone can jump on social media and start posting ‘stuff’, but for your business to really succeed with social media you need to understand how it fits in with your overall business and marketing plans. To do this you need a social media marketing strategy. Without a social media marketing strategy to tie in what your business is doing on social media with your business and marketing plans your business is wasting time and resources.

If you are frustrated with social media marketing or feel like it is just not working as well as it should be then get in touch with us at Max & Buddy Consulting. We can help you get on track.

Max & Buddy Consulting can help you:
  1. Identify the right social media platforms for your business (no, you don’t need to be on them all)
  2. Find where your target market is and what they are doing on social media (this may surprise you)
  3. Fine tune your social media strategy so it aligns with your business and marketing plans (streamline everything)
  4. Develop social media goals and performance metrics to drive your business goals (more sales, drive awareness, reach new customers etc)
  5. Develop content marketing plans and schedules to make your social media marketing seem effortless (yes, this is possible)
  6. Monitor and amend your social media activity so you know what to do more or less of
Let Max & Buddy Consulting help you excel at your social media marketing.

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