How to manage your time on social media.

manage your time on social media

How do you manage your time on social media? Be honest, how much time are you spending on social media every day?

Would you believe me if I said you could nail it in less than 1 hour per week? All it takes is a little bit of effort.

‘I’m too busy’. ‘I don’t have time’. ‘I get to it when I can’. These are the three most common excuses I hear for small business owners not using social media effectively to market their business. I usually hear these excuses from small business owners who are frustrated with social media in general and are looking for ideas on how to improve their existing (but under-loved) social media activity to attract new audiences or increase awareness of their business. They want to use social media, but they don’t want to invest the time (or the money) in it. They dress this up as not having enough time because they are busy running the business.

Time scarcity affects most people in the business world, yet every single person on earth has the same amount of time within which to do stuff. And whilst I have never met anyone who has less or more than 24 hours allotted to them – ever, I have met and worked with people who appear to just get so much more done. Their secret – they prioritise their time, have some sort of process in place and then just get on with it.

So what’s the secret to managing social media marketing and having enough time? Well, quite simply it’s by putting a little bit of time in up front.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you manage your time on social media.

It’s all about the strategy

The first key to being able to manage your time on social media is to have a solid social media strategy. Social media marketing, like any marketing, is just going to suck the time out of your day if you don’t know why you are doing it. Starting a task without a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, big picture, will result in you spending time fluffing around doing stuff that is a complete waste of time. So, before you do anything else, develop a social media strategy to help keep you focussed on why you are using social media to market your business.

Understand social media

You may think you are all over social media because you use it every day to connect with friends and family or follow your favourite Instagrammers, however, using social media for your personal life versus using it to market a business is like chalk and cheese. Social media marketing involves a steep learning curve if you are going to do it properly. From learning which platform is right for your business, how to use the platform properly, how to find your target market (as opposed to your friends), analytics, content scheduling tools, content curation tools and video and photography editing tools – to get the most out of requires you to sit down and get your head around it, otherwise you are just scratching the surface of what you can achieve.

Schedule it into your day

The second key to being able to manage your time on social media is to, well, manage your time overall. And just as you would schedule time to check stock, hold staff meetings, speak with suppliers and balance the accounts, you need to allocate time to market your business – and this includes your social media. What many small business owners don’t grasp is the sheer fact they have, at their fingertips, a way to get into their consumer’s lives and connect with them. Social media is a serious, and very awesome, small business marketing tool and should be treated as such.

Plan your content

If you spend around 30 minutes each week mapping out what you are going to focus on and post over the coming week to meet your strategic business goals and not only will you stay on track, you will also get your time back. Get into a groove with planning content and you will be able to smash through this in under 10 minutes – guaranteed. You can do this in excel or use a number of tools available online, such as CoSchedule. This can all be done at home in front of the television after the kids have gone to bed and you are nursing a glass of wine if you’d like.

Use social media tools

Follow on from jotting down your amazing content plan time by pre-loading all your tweets or posts into a scheduling program like Hootsuite or Buffer (there are many others, but these both have a free option). Once you have pre-loaded your weekly content, all you will need to do each day is check for comments or questions so you can respond. Even if you are only able to load 50% of the content ahead of time, all of a sudden you have reduced the time you will need to invest during the week by 50%.

As I have said before, if you don’t have time to market your business then you shouldn’t be in business, and with social media playing a crucial role in marketing in the 21st century – if you don’t want to make the time to manage it, then you and your business will suffer in the end.

If you need help getting on top of your social media management and importantly, manage your time on social media, contact us, we’d love to help.


About Zena Churchill

Zena Churchill is a Director at Max & Buddy Consulting. She has worked in senior level business roles across national and multinational corporations, as well as being a small business owner. Zena is a strategic thinker and brings a practical, straight-forward approach to marketing and social media. She has a passion for training & development running practical business workshops for small business. Zena is a Certified Practising Marketer (AMI), sometimes tutors in Marketing at the University of Wollongong and is a Senior Consultant with Trinity P3.

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