How To Pin A Comment On Instagram?

  1. Check to see that you are using the most up-to-date version of the Instagram app
  2. Launch one of your Instagram pictures, then scroll through the comments to see them all
  3. Find a remark that you like and want to save for later. Then swipe left on the specific comment, and then hit the icon that looks like a thumbs up
  4. The remark that was pinned will now appear at the top of the thread with the label ″Pinned″ next to it
  1. You are allowed to pin up to three of your comments to the top of the comment stream on posts that you make using your own Instagram account.
  2. Because of this, whenever someone views your article, the remark will appear at the top of the page.
  3. Swipe left on a remark on Instagram, then press the gray symbol that looks like a pushpin to save it.
  4. This page will show once you have pinned your first remark to a post.

How do I Pin a comment on Facebook?

You can ″pin″ a remark by going to the comment you want to pin, swiping it to the left, and selecting one of the three alternatives that display. The remark will be moved to the top of the post when you press the pin sign. Draw your attention to the fact that there are some guidelines. It is not possible to pin your own remarks.

What does it mean to pin comments on a post?

When a remark made by another user is highlighted in a post, the author of that comment is told that their comment has been brought to the attention of the reader. The ability to ″pin″ comments is a feature that provides some assistance in managing comments.

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How many comments can you put on an Instagram post?

You are now able to pin up to three comments to a single Instagram post. This allows you to direct the attention of individuals who view your post to certain comments that you have found particularly interesting. Regardless matter when they were originally written, these remarks will always be shown at the very top of the post’s comment thread.

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