Facebook are currently rolling out a great new feature that will help you manage message responses and boost your customer service.

Called ‘Saved Replies’, this nifty feature lets you create a bunch of standard responses that you can choose from when needed to answer community enquiries or messages. Why is this so good? Well, if you use Facebook to manage your customer service you can set up and have at the ready some standard response messages you can just select and send. This is a great feature for small business or small social media teams who receive a lot of customer communication via Facebook as it will not only allow you to save time when responding to customer messages, it will also ensure that your communication is consistent, regardless of who is handling customer queries that day.

How to use Facebook Saved Replies

1. Saved replies are accessed from the messages tab on the navigation bar.

2. To help, Facebook has two examples already waiting for you to use if you would like. To create your own message, simply click on ‘create new reply’ and start typing.

Facebook Saved Replies

3. If this sounds a bit formulaic to you, don’t worry, Facebook lets you personalise these messages so that they include the person’s name, your name if necessary, your URL and address.

Customise your messages

This customization can be placed where ever you choose within the body of the message, giving you something that looks like this.

And you done. Simple.

If you have a number of standard queries that come in through your Facebook page, it’s worthwhile spending some time crafting a suitable response that you can select from when needed. It’s also a good idea to have a standard response for any negative messages or comments you receive to avoid any ‘written in anger’ responses we are so tempted to write (or have written). This message could simply ask the complainant to contact you directly via email or a phone number so you can take the situation off Facebook.  Spend some time up front getting these messages right, and it will save you a lot of time down the track.

Have you used Facebook Save Replies yet? We’d love to hear from you.