How to schedule a post in Facebook

Schedule Facebook post

Do you want to know how to schedule posts in Facebook? Surprisingly, many business owners are not aware that they can schedule Facebook posts inside the Facebook platform itself, meaning there’s no need to subscribe to third party scheduling apps. Learning this simple feature of Facebook will free up some valuable time and give you some hours back in your week.

So here’s a quick how to guide to help you better manage your Facebook page and get some hours back in your week.

How to schedule a post in Facebook.

1. Sort out your content: 

It’s good to start with all your content ready to be posted, this includes any images, videos, promotions and the words to go with it. Once you have all of this ready to go, scheduling a week’s worth of posts will take you no more than 5 minutes. Seriously.

2.  Click in the post box:

Compose a status update as you normally would, but instead of hitting the post button, click on the arrow next to the word post. This will bring up three options – schedule post, backdage post and save draft. Click on schedule post – this will open a pop up window.

How to schedule a post in Facebook

3. Select date and time:

Click on the calendar icon to select the month and date you would like the post to go live, then tab over to the box containing the time and type in the time. The time is in 24 hour clock format and make sure you have  your correct time zone selected in the settings. When you are happy with the date and time for your post, hit schedule. Confirmation of your post being scheduled will appear.

How to schedule a facebook post

What if I want to reschedule? 

If you want to reschedule your post, edit or delete it, go to your scheduled posts list, this will be sitting under the status box,  and click on ‘see posts’.

How to schedule a post on Facebook

If you have multiple posts scheduled, find the post you would like to reschedule and click on the arrow in the top right hand corner of the post. This will make four choices appear – reschedule, edit, publish now or delete post.

How to schedule a facebook post

Select reschedule to select a new date or time.

Once this has been done, click on the reschedule button and your post will go back into your scheduled post feed.

How to schedule a post on Facebook

You are done. Now you can alloacate a set amount of time once per week or fortnight to schedule your Facebook posts. Don’t forget, you still need to monitor and respond to any questions, comments or feedback your Facebook friends may post.


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