Thanks for wanting to know more about us. Max & Buddy Consulting is a marketing consultancy spearheaded by Zena Churchill & Steve Lawson.

Zena is a 20+ year veteran of the marketing industry, with experience spanning across strategic marketing, product development, advertising, digital, content marketing and media. She is a Certified Practising Marketer, holds a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing Management and holds a Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

Steve would rather not say how many years experience he has in the sales and marketing industry (believe us it’s a lot), and brings to the table an extensive skill set across sales, marketing, sponsorship, content, media & production, here in Australia and overseas.

Across their careers, the team at Max & Buddy Consulting have worked for some of the biggest and best companies nationally and internationally, and both Steve and Zena believe there is immense value in passing on what’s been  learned along the way—both the good and the bad.

As a result, Max & Buddy Consulting offer a unique blend of skills-based consultancy, where we take the time to train and teach in order to help your skills and business grow.

Such a breadth of experience gives Max & Buddy Consulting a unique set of marketing skills & expertise – all under the one roof.

To find out more about how Max & Buddy Consulting works, you can read our blog.

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Zena +61 414 207 404
Steve +61 428 737 664

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