Do you struggle to come up with social media content ideas? Do you find it hard to create new and interesting content for your social media profiles? Are you starting to post the same thing, over and over?

You are not on your own, most brands on social media get stuck in a content rut at some point or another.

Here’s 15 quick social media content ideas to help boost your social media marketing, and get you posting, pinning or tweeting a variety of interesting content without even trying.

1. Behind the scenes – When I worked in publishing, one of the most popular posts we did involved behind the scenes shots. Setting up for events, putting the product together, staff birthdays and cover shoots with celebs all generated massive amounts of engagement from the social media community. So when your team goes on its next staff lunch, you are unpacking new stock for your outlet or surrounded by a mountain of paperwork on your desk – take a photo and caption it. Let your followers into the day-to-day world of your brand.

2. This or that – Another great way to engage your community is to ask them to choose between one thing or another – for example; Beach Holiday or Ski Resort, Star Trek or Star Wars, Chocolate or Cheese. It doesn’t matter what you ask, as long as it’s relevant to the audience (think gender and age) and is a bit of fun.

3. Polls & Surveys – Run a poll or a mini-survey asking for your communities feedback. For example, if you are a financial services business, ask 10 questions on what concerns them most about managing budgets, tax time or superannuation. If you are in the leisure industry, use a poll or survey to find out what they look for when they book a holiday. The results may surprise you, or open up a whole new opportunity for your business. Which leads me to the next tip.

4. Poll & Survey Results – Use the results you get from your polls & surveys to influence future posts. For example, ‘did you know 57% of those surveyed look for pet friendly accommodation when booking a holiday’. If you had 10 questions, you should have 10 future posts ready to go.

5. Solve a problem – Google ‘How to… (pretty much anything)’ and a video or written instructions will pop up. If you have the ability to solve a problem – which let’s face it, most businesses do, then put it into a post, or better still make a video.

6. Exclusive Offers & Discounts – The number one reason people follow brands on social media is to receive offers & discounts. Run an offer that is exclusive for your followers and you will make them very happy. Make sure the offer is only available to your social media community, or they could reject it and your brand.

7. Case Studies – Got a great story to tell about something awesome your business has done? If so, tell it. Write it up as a case study that shows what the issue was, how your business went about solving it and the result. If the customer that forms the basis of the case study is willing, get a testimonial – which takes me to the next tip.

8. Testimonials – There is nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet on social media. Not only is it a great way to promote your successes, it can also highlight to your followers what services or products you offer.

9. Industry events – If you are throwing an event, first thing you need to do is give it its own hashtag, then promote it on social media. There are three key stages that can influence your content here; awareness, on the day happenings, and post event pics and news. If you are attending an event, jump onto their hashtag to let people know you are there and whether you are having a good time or not. People like to see what you are up to and feel connected on a more personal level.

10. Public events – Big public events such as elections, celebrity weddings, celebrity offspring, sporting grand finals, fashion week or food shows are big opportunities to jump into social media conversations that are already happening – or better still, start one. For example, if you are a restaurant, show the perfect meal to order for the gang when watching a grand final and maybe attach a take-away offer to it. For the fashionistas, critique the fashion shows, demonstrate how to recreate the look at home or promote which ‘looks’ may be coming to your store. Even accountants can get into the action offering advice on how an election result may impact the average household budget. Keep it relevant to your industry and audience and you can turn any public event into a win for your social media, (a word of advice though – stay away from tragedies and death’s, stay right away).

11. Seasons & Holidays – This one is a no-brainer. Jump online and grab a global holiday calendar and find the dates that are relevant to your industry, country, state and target market – then celebrate them. Have some fun with it and find some irreverant and obscure days of celebration (here’s a great website). If they are relevant to your industry, match it up with an exclusive offer or discount to drive them into store. For example, as I write this, it is apparently International Tempura Day, seriously, so if I ran a Japanese restaurant with a social media community, I would look at running a 15% off all tempura menu items for one day only.

12. Profiles – Put a face to your business and profile team members, or even the office pet. Put up a pic and a small bio about them, it doesn’t have to be detailed – a good example is something like ‘3 quick questions with Jim from customer service’ or ‘How did I become a barista?’ – you get the point. This builds a familiarity with the business helping it become more than just a brand they follow and gives you as much content as you have team members.

13. Industry trends & news – Share interesting trends or news around your industry that will help you followers, such as impacts on stock market and prices, growth in visitor numbers to a region, changes in consumer tastes or new innovations and developments. This type of content can help establish your credibility with customers and within the industry, and propel you into the ‘thought leader’ stratosphere (and this is a good thing, trust me).

14. Introduce new product/services – If you have new product arriving or start offering new services, tell your audience. This works all the way down to new menu items for food retailers and new software for professional services. Show how your business is evolving and staying interesting.

15. Things you like – Posting images or quotes, people or places that you like or inspire you works really well on Instagram and Pinterest, but it can also transfer to other platforms. Couple it with a statement or question, such as ‘I really love this quote, how about you?’ and you’ll increase your chances of engagment.

Your scope for creating great content is limited only by your imagination – you will be amazed by how much content you can create just by looking around you.

Do you have any other content ideas to share?